Nature is coming back to life now that spring is in full swing. However, just as nature awakens from its slumber, so do pesky bugs and other pests. During this time of the year, flies, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects readily crawl out of their hiding places and into your home.

This spring season, the Health Ranger Store has got you covered with Health Ranger Select Bug Defender. Our specially formulated nontoxic bug spray is an all-natural, pet-friendly insect spray made from Texas cedar oil, which makes it extremely safe to use around pets and humans alike.

An excellent item to stock up on for your survival cache, Health Ranger Select Bug Defender is the perfect, natural way to safely and effectively rid your home of ticks, fleas, mites, ants, mosquitoes, chiggers and other insects that sting or bite. Our nontoxic, plant-based formula takes out insects at all stages of life – from eggs to larvae to adults – without harming you or your loved ones. Plus, it smells great, thanks to its natural cedar scent. Health Ranger Select Bug Defender is DEET-free, non-GMO, non-China, nontoxic, pet-friendly and is thoroughly lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

What is Health Ranger Select


made of?**

Most insect repellent products you can find on store shelves contain toxic chemicals that can negatively affect your skin, brain and central nervous system. DEET, for instance, can cause seizures, adverse skin reactions and respiratory conditions when ingested or absorbed through the skin. But you won't find DEET or any harmful chemicals in Health Ranger Select Bug Defender.

Instead, our specially formulated insect spray contains only all-natural, nontoxic ingredients such as cedar essential oil. The key ingredient of Health Ranger Select Bug Defender, cedar oil is a fragrant and pet-friendly oil that has been sourced from high-quality Texas cedar. This potent oil can effectively keep bugs away from your home while still being safe to use around humans and pets.

Cedar essential oil is a minimum risk insect spray from Mother Nature. It is simply one of the most potent natural oils available for insect control use. Cedar oil owes its natural insect-repelling properties to its high content of cedrol, a naturally occurring alcohol. Cedar oil has had a long history of use in neutralizing and repelling insects. A study that was conducted by Cornell University researchers found that cedar oil can safely repel mosquitoes and moths. Meanwhile, a study from the journal Environmental Entomology indicated that cedar oil can effectively repel ticks and ants.

How does cedar essential oil work against pesky bugs?**

Cedar essential oil provides 6 methods of protection to safely kill or repel bed bugs, including flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, ants, moths, head lice, silverfish, ticks, mites, chiggers and other insects that bite and sting.




Most insects rely on moisture to survive, which means they are incredibly sensitive to moisture loss. Cedar oil naturally dehydrates bugs by leaching moisture from their bodies, depriving them of water and leaving them dry.

Insects use chemicals called pheromones to navigate and search for food. By disrupting their pheromones, cedar oil disorients bugs to the point where they can't perform functions that are vital for their survival.

Bugs breathe through openings in their exoskeletons. Cedar oil directly attacks an insect’s respiratory system by covering up these openings and inhibiting the insect's ability to breathe.




Emulsification is the breakdown of fat molecules. Cedar oil practically attacks insects from the inside out by breaking down the fat molecules in their bodies.

Cedar oil also disrupts the metabolism and natural chemical balance of various bugs and insects. This, in turn, effectively shuts down their internal bodily functions.

Upon contact, cedar essential oil can effectively dissolve the exoskeletons of various insects at all stages of life – i.e., from eggs to larvae to adults.

Protect yourself from these dangerous bugs and pests**

Now that spring is here, it's more important than ever to be on the lookout for insects that can spread pathogens. Even simple mosquito bites and other seemingly harmless bug bites can be very harmful, or even fatal, to people who are allergic to them. Here are a few potentially dangerous but fairly common bugs and pests you need to protect yourself from this spring season:


Bed bugs get their name from their mostly nocturnal lifestyle, as well as their natural tendency to feed on humans while they sleep on their beds. Bed bugs can be especially dangerous to those who have severe allergies to bed bugs and other insects.


Lyme disease is a widespread tick-borne illness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported each year. Spending a lot of time outdoors unprotected can increase your risk of getting this disease from ticks.


In America, there are approximately 200 different species of mosquitoes. Many of these species can carry various pathogens, including malaria, the dengue virus and the Zika virus.


While many people think fleas are only a problem for pets, they can still leave painful bites on your skin. Moreover, these small pests can serve as vectors for disease-causing germs.


Often found scuttling around garbage and other unclean areas, cockroaches are dangerous vectors for a range of disease-causing microbes, such as salmonella and E. coli.


Lice are tiny parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They are also known to spread typhus, relapsing fever, Trench fever and other similar bacterial diseases.


Ants may be tiny but their bites can still leave a considerable sting. In large numbers, they can even do serious damage to your home.


Depending on what kind of mite you get bitten by, you may experience anywhere from minor to extreme skin irritation and discomfort.   


Most conventional bug sprays and insecticides contain harmful chemicals**

While invasive pests can be a problem, many people go about solving this problem in the wrong way. They often use conventional insecticides and bug repellents containing harsh chemicals that may be even more dangerous than the bugs they're fighting. Here are some harmful chemicals and toxins you can find in commercially available bug repellants:

DEET – Diethyltoluamide, or DEET, is known as the "king of insect repellents" and is one of the most common active ingredients in regular insecticides. When swallowed, it can result in severe stomach problems. It is also extremely harmful to the environment and pets.

Methanol-polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) – Exposure to this chemical has been linked to skin lesions, liver problems and various respiratory illnesses.

Ammonia – Ammonia is one of the most common neurotoxins found in various commercial products. Exposure to it can seriously damage your brain, liver, lungs and nerves.

Chlorine – Once used as a chemical weapon, chlorine is described as a "choking agent" because its fumes can actually inhibit a person's ability to breathe.

Arsenic – A common groundwater and food contaminant, repeated exposure to arsenic causes skin lesions and certain types of cancer.

Formaldehyde – Formaldehyde is a highly toxic chemical that is often used in the preservation of corpses.

Ethylene oxide – Ethylene oxide is a dangerous, cancer-causing fumigant. Inhaling it can negatively impact the lungs.

Benzene – Derived from coal, benzene is a volatile liquid that can damage your bones and decrease your red blood cell count.

How to use Health Ranger Select Bug Defender**

Lightly spray Health Ranger Select Bug Defender on any area with bugs, such as doorways, window frames, carpets, furniture, pet areas and other indoor spaces. Our cedar oil-based formula will not stain and can be used on most indoor surfaces. For maximum bug prevention, it is recommended to apply Bug Defender on a weekly basis or as needed. You may also apply it using a cloth for a more thorough application. Use soap and water to clean it off if necessary.

From the Health Ranger**

I completely avoid DEET and other toxic chemicals on my skin and in my home. But when mosquitoes and other bugs get crazy, I need some commonsense protection from them just like you do. I got tired of all the dishonest products claiming to be "all natural" when they were really filled with synthetic chemicals, so I created my own formula based on Texas cedar essential oils and honest, clean ingredients (with no synthetic chemicals used, ever!).

For those who want to protect your home from pesky invaders while also avoiding being poisoned by DEET, these natural repellent formulas are your solution. You won't find a more honest, clean, and effective bug spray and insect repellent.

- Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


is finally BACK IN STOCK at the Health Ranger Store!**

The Health Ranger Store is here to help provide your home with maximum protection against pesky bugs and insects. That's why we're bringing back our superior, natural repellent formula. Health Ranger Select Bug Defender is an effective, all-natural insect repellent formula that is made using highly potent cedar essential oil and contains no harmful synthetic chemicals.

A useful item for your survival cache, Health Ranger Select Bug Defender efficiently protects your home against pesky bugs while still being safe to use around pets and small children. Our nontoxic bug spray is non-GMO, non-China, pet-friendly and DEET-free. It is also pet-friendly and thoroughly lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.







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